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Air conditioning is energy-saving 3 element: 〗 flatters exemplarying ? control
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Begin from the first ten days of a month in April, air conditioning market entered flourishing to sell period, the reporter is in Linyi urban district yesterday each home appliance sells an understanding to arrive, close paragraph of client that time comes round to buy air conditioning is apparent grow in quantity. Regard electric home appliances
Unconscious way of short for the Yihe River is old be in charge of Zhao Xiaojuan to tell a reporter from ministry of air conditioning of bazaar of home appliance of date gold eagle, buy air conditioning to want to choose above all energy-saving model product, the choose and buy is energy-saving the mainest avenue that air conditioning is economic electric energy. Air conditioning is already all nowadays paste can effect marks, the label assigns a grade in all, what what mirror is air conditioning can effect comparing, be power input and refrigerating capacity than, rank is lower, can effect comparing is taller, more energy-saving also. In the meantime, the room that must be oneself chooses the air conditioning of proper power, if use 1P air conditioning to be able to satisfy room area requirement basically, and when 1.5P more than sufficient, the proposal chooses latter, because if air conditioning power is too little, the room cannot achieve set temperature moment, compressor will be in high speed all the time among movement, cause the huge loss of electric energy thereby.

Using a field next, the proposal controls temperature to be spent to 27 ℃ in 25 ℃ in the summer between, use air conditioning maintains this temperature to be able to make human body comfortable already, but managing with report. Do not want often switch air conditioning additionally, bad news can be the biggest when because air conditioning is opening accident,turning.

Additional, in safeguard a respect daily, want to clean screen pack regularly. Zhao Xiaojuan says, if air conditioning screen pack is jammed by dirt can disturb circular wind force, affect refrigeration result, ought to clean regularly, it is OK that a month cleans average household. Provenance: Network of Lang Ya news

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