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Boiler circulation of equipment of domestic independence heating electric heatin
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Boiler circulation of equipment of domestic independence heating electric heating implement the change warms oneself means

Energy-saving with environmental protection the standard that is high quality life, researcher of limited company of automation of Qingdao expensive work passes research and development of 15 years, already having innovation to invent patent 22, practical and new-style patent on 93 foundation, innovation development gives fast electric heat, solar energy heat of heat of source of hot, air, source burning gas, zoology can hot, photoelectricity is complementary, angry report phosgene report is complementary, complementary reclaim with quantity of heat of heating of heat addition, refrigeration, terrestrial heat, sewage wait for series product, started brand-new industrial field, the heating that solved family, factory and office place in the round, refrigeration, shower and cabinet defend hot water. The company already studied with Beijing solar energy be gregarious of limited company of energy of group of pyroelectricity of a limited company, Qingdao, Long Puxin, Shanghai is energy-saving now the coact such as electronic limited company, take to you with advanced technology, high grade product and good service comfortable with warmth.

Haifeiao card boiler circulation electric heating implement, it is the winter heating equipment with independent family, it can join with all sorts of radiator photographs, it is unit independence heating with the family. Also can warm with the ground tubal join forms domestic land warm system, it is to light furnace of gas, fuel, coal fired, idealer change product.
It is ultrathin metal crust wall hung installation, do not occupy interior space, installation convenience, multinomial safety protects a function, report of use quartz canal heats technology, do not have the likelihood of leakage of electricity absolutely, ensure the safety in use process. Its operation is simple, old person and child can be operated move.
It is fast, energy-saving, after reaching set temperature, can come true to dog automatically temperature of water of pass in and out, self-adjusting with n, need a quantity of heat, use a n, anything but multi-purpose for a time report, it can divide room control, winter often does not enter the person's room, can close valve, do not waste electric energy, usable and indoor temperature is controlled, after set temperature is being reached inside the room, the machine stays automatically machine, using phone. Fall when room temperature to set temperature 1 degree hind, the machine is started automatically add lukewarm. Its each other uses a sex strong, but in coal of shunt-wound Yu Ran, kerosene, furnace burning gas, implementation is mutual and practical. It changes convenient, original coal fired, kerosene, furnace burning gas, tear open it can be used on counterchange, need not change original structure.

It is practical life is long, 15 years service life lets you invest to be benefited for long.
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