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Expenses of Liaoning Shenyang heating may rise other city takes warm cost curren
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Shenyang city is brewing heating expending adjusted plan, current and specific adjustment standard and executive time of short duration did not disclose. Bureau of Shenyang city price says, the meeting after initial plan gives heat is timely hold a hearing, so that determine the final level that move price.

The message that comes from partial heating business confirms, at present audit department had completed the cost investigation to business of a few heating, the result of investigation can be the final extent that move price to provide certain basis. Current, the collection standard that Shenyang city heating expends is dweller residence 22 yuan / building square metre, blame dweller residence 23.5 yuan / building square metre.

------Liaoning saves other city to take warm cost current situation

Pan Jin: Considering adjusting heating fee
From Pan Jin city heat addition does understanding to, pan Jin city moves a standard to have not decide on wintry heating value today, go up a standard now preliminary it is surely civil plan to increase 2 yuan, restore 25 yuan of 1999 / square metre standard; Blame is civil plan to increase 5 yuan, 30 yuan are after adjusting / square metre. After classics price hearing of witnesses, general of 20 days of left and right sides come on stage formally on air standard. Reporter Sun Wen ceases raining or snowing distant is in relief: Heating value of short duration is invariant

Distant this world: Do not raise price temporarily
From distant this world city heating company understands, yang Jindong heating expends distant to had begun collection, those who carry out still is original standard. Had not received the announcement that rise in price temporarily at present.

Battalion mouth: Rate of short duration is invariant
Yesterday, the reporter understands from office of battalion mouth heating, so far, of short duration of rate of heating of battalion mouth city is invariant. Heating does director Gao Zhi to introduce, current, heating rate still is a dweller 22 yuan / square metre, blame dweller 25 yuan / square metre. Tall chairman represents 10 or so city in may to sit a meeting, research adjusts plan, at present have not specific and affirmatory. Website of Chinese heat addition

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