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Dalian heat addition gives island of new device river deer to popularize heating
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Dalian heat addition gives island of new device river deer to popularize heating of briny air conditioning in the round

This year heating period, the river deer island of Liaoning Dalian will extend a kind of brand-new heating pattern in the round, that is briny air conditioning, it can extract energy to undertake heating from inside seawater directly, come experience.

This year heating period, be apart from the mainland island of river deer of 100 much kilometers, need not resemble storing in great quantities in that way before again the coal that heat addition uses, used new-style seawater air conditioning however. Through drawing the quantity of heat in seawater, the concentration that the winter can realize to press down residence of 55 thousand square metre completely here heat addition, summer is OK refrigeration. This natural " briny air conditioning " , it is the shallow-layer ground that Dalian is popularizing can briny land source heats up pump technology.

The sources of energy of Dalian constant active develops company stylist Guo Jianzhong: What it collects is the energy of low grade, namely accumulate the energy that is contained inside soil, Sha Shi, one part electric energy just is wasted when extracting, can be achieved and warm oneself with coal so similar heating result.

As we have learned, before river deer island warms oneself the carry outside using coal to lean completely. Cost is high, still pollute an environment. New system can decrease every year warm oneself with coal 5000 tons of above, economic of 60% warm oneself cost, pollution also gets be inhibitioned effectively.

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