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Lanzhou heat addition of environmental protection of oar of first water coal sta
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From Lanzhou city quiet borough new city invests company know, heat addition of environmental protection of oar of coal of first water of Lanzhou town stands first phase project is comprehensive already complete, today the winter can give development of Lanzhou economy technology the enterprise inside area of garden of new and high technology and circumjacent dweller heat addition, area of predicting heat addition amounts to 400 thousand square metre. The heat addition ability of 1.6 million square metre will be formed after whole project complete.

Quiet new city invests company garden area to center heat addition station to build is heat addition of our city environmental protection pilot project, basically carry out " water coal oar " heat addition new technology, can improve quality of air of the city zone, convenient garden area uses the winter heating of hot unit each. 2007, quiet borough invests a company to build garden area to center heat addition station by area new city, the project covers an area of 30 mus, always invest many yuan 8000, the project is divided period finish, whole project will 2010 complete.

As we have learned, water coal oar is a kind of new-style and clean fuel, it accords with requirement of national environmental protection in the harmful material such as sulfur of the soot of the eduction in combustion process, 2 oxidation.

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