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Zhengzhou is restricted to enrage light sale of gas hanging furnace additionally
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Zhengzhou is restricted to enrage light sale of gas hanging furnace additionally to encounter cold report heating to look up

Rose October, zhengzhou lights gas Inc. to set and begin to carry out, zhengzhou city IC blocks dweller user every months to be able to buy 50 stere to burn gas only at most, claim this action is to alleviate the insecurity that use gas, and the resident of city of nearly 20 thousand Zhengzhou that points to spearhead to domestic traditional Chinese clothes has stove of hanging burning gas continuously. Subsequently, furnace of hanging burning gas is sold at a draught cold. Can the electric heating furnace that regards an industry as competitive product greet the spring of a sale accordingly?
On October 15 afternoon, the reporter comes to Zhengzhou city east ave, heating equipment sale is here a section of a highway that centers quite relatively.
On the wall of first floor of one company the facade of a shop, hang full the furnace of hanging burning gas with differ size, indoor without the client. See the reporter comes in, a Yao surname female assistant rises actively the introduction, here does not have electric heating furnace, but product of heating having report -- ground of electric heat film is warm. The reporter understands, electric heat film is the can calorific translucent polyester film after a kind of electrify, direct laid is below floor or floor brick, the form with the heat of the earth's interior to indoor radiate.
In another inn, assistant small Liu introduces, besides advocate outside the furnace of hanging burning gas of battalion, still manage store can heating of form electricity terrestrial heat, it is calorific component in order to send hot cable, will calorific cable is by requirement laid below the floor, the quantity of heat that uses the generation when electric current passes resistor heats floor layer, go to radiate of quantity of heat by the floor again indoor. Additional, still furnace of Fahrenheit electromagnetism hanging waits, although electric heating is phyletic various, but rarely seen the client's form.
Sound one: Furnace of hanging burning gas still is heating dominant
In interview, the businessman plaints in succession, it is to be lighted those who kill to enrage set limit to to supply, furnace of hanging burning gas does not have sales volume almost recently. "Set limit to burning gas is temporary only. " Yu Kai of general manager of limited company of heat addition equipment expresses the feeling in Zhengzhou snow, according to him understanding lights gas to be not tightened actually piece, "Company burning gas just is searching excuse to rise in price. " Zhengzhou city adds up to the United States to warm the sale that tells equipment limited company also expresses on behalf of Guan Jianying, ascended on newspaper, set limit to burning gas is to raise price only, after waiting to raise price appropriately, light gas to still can be opened wide supply.
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