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Shenyang heating appears different price citizen oppugns same heat addition
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Through statistical discovery, citizen of great majority Shenyang understands the attune on heating cost, but hope can section heating.

The citizen thanks a gentleman to express, a few build commodity house or a few have the citizen that stays warm demand, they often cannot be used full 5 months heating period, opposite at " heat is metric " , "Section heating " can operate

To this, shenyang building university is municipal with Wang Yue of professor of environmental project college the person thinks, OK and referenced heat is metric " two price that make heat " , "Section heating " cent base fee and appraise at the current rate two parts, stop during offerring, the citizen needs to pay fundamental fee only can, this share charge occupies the 40 % of total cost about.

Flounder contacted our newspaper reporter to attend the consumer delegate of the hearing that move price to yesterday, this delegate expresses, he receives the announcement that attends a hearing last week.

"To heating value, I want to offer to study again. " this delegate expresses, be aimed at current heating environment, he hopes heating industry will be cogent standard of consideration heating quality, establish the price.

To the citizen opinion that our newspaper collects, this delegate expresses to be willing to head the hearing on popular wishes very much, and jump at the collaboration of our newspaper invites.

Reporter investigation: Yesterday, be aimed at this rate that implements possibly, the reporter undertook in 23 citizens little scope is investigated.

Among them 5 do not have an unit artificially individual operator, heating cost is assumed by the individual; 13 people are company employee, the unit does not submit an expense account heating cost; 5 people are submitted an expense account by the unit heating cost.

Mr Sun (Shenyang citizen, have unit but do not submit an expense account)

"Feasibility condition is a lot of people as me, the unit also does not submit an expense account heating is expended " , and press a regulation, any ownership businesses inside Shenyang city should pay heating fee to the worker, if decide,this is answered " do not submit an expense account door " heating expends a standard, "Is this the fact that acquiesced to the unit does not sign up for heating to expend " ?

Miss Hou (Shenyang citizen, have unit but do not submit an expense account)

"The circumstance that if want to expend the consideration on the price to cannot submit an expense account in heat,heating expends, should make a group so calm standard and supervisory mechanism, this newspaper, this newspaper how many, do not sign up for do how, right violate compasses person severe punishment " .

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad gentleman (Shenyang city some company controller)

Very fathomless why to submit an expense account heating cost is about to press 28 yuan / square metre pays fee, "I want to know, the heat that my home worker uses and do not submit an expense account the user has what to differ, should make money more for what " .
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