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Changchun heating price also should rise be about to open hearing of heat additi
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Jilin saved Changchun municipal government to held meeting of job of heat addition of whole town the city zone a few days ago, the price of heat addition of the city zone that the decision pays close attention to suffer masses fully adjusts a problem to hold a hearing, face a society to be chosen publicly hire 5 hearings delegate.

As we have learned, because coal price rises continuously, heat addition uses the Changchun City this year average price achieves coal every tons 570 yuan, relatively when adjusting hot price last rose 2005 270 yuan. To make sure heat addition condition is stable, this city decides to be made to price of active heat addition adjust appropriately. Hair of the Changchun City changes appoint will adjust a hearing at holding heat addition price recently, listen to common people opinion, in order to raise the scientific sex with governmental decision-making price and diaphaneity.

Wang Xuezhan of deputy mayor of the Changchun City says, full range of one's style of work as well as one's moral quality of price of dweller heat addition will be controlled strictly can bear in masses in limits, the cost of the others adds an element, will pass policy support to digest by heat addition enterprise and various government. Because adjust the file of hot price to come on stage later, the user that has paid fee before this fills after time of the cost that hand in heat can be delayed, arrive November end. Before heating, heating unit and user have contradiction, want to give a dweller heat addition first, contradiction is dissolved after, heating unit cannot defer heat addition to the dweller with any reason.

In the meantime, the Changchun City will be right low protect door, go bankrupt change make enterprise retiree continue to implement policy of heat addition deliverance, allowance, be affected in order to make the heat addition of low income crowd is not rectified because of price one's style of work as well as one's moral quality.

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