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Price of the heat addition in city small town will do Shaanxi treasure chicken t
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On October 15 morning, bureau of price of city of reporter treasure chicken chairs held city to center heat addition price to adjust the understanding on the hearing to, because coal rises in price to increase what reach cost of operation of heat addition company ceaselessly, price of the heat addition in city small town will do treasure chicken to be adjusted accordingly.

As we have learned, our city active concentration heat addition price is affirmatory 2003, dweller season of a heating, every make the same score rice 15.8 yuan, office heating value 18 yuan, business heating value 24 yuan. Come 5 years year after year of case of coal, water, electrovalency increases by degrees, carry reach manpower charge to rise ceaselessly, especially coal price from 2003 every tons 122 rise reach 304 yuan of present, rise extent is amounted to 149.2% , make enterprise of our city heat addition can'ts bear heavy burden. For this, enterprise of city heat addition puts forward a city to center heat addition price to adjust application to branch of our city prices. City price bureau undertook investigating examine and verify to heat addition cost jointly with city city management department, produce the analytic circumstance of cost and current situation of heat addition of the city zone in recent years according to enterprise of our city heat addition, pattern of mature city heat addition and dweller bear the element such as ability, put forward price of urban heat addition to plan to adjust plan. Namely dweller heating price of Ji Meiping rice reachs 18.6 yuan by 15.8 yuan of promotion or 18.8 yuan, promotion of value of office heating, management heating mixes 28 yuan to 22 yuan. Low to the city protect a heating value to still maintain active every Ji Meiping rice 9.98 yuan changeless.

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