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Beijing heating season centers heating user to receive cost time and standard to
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Beijing " 2008 - 2009 heating season centers heating user receive cost time and rate " announced October 18, rate of this heating season liver is fixed, center heating user to collect fees still be every square metre 24 yuan. Today wintry heating cost captures date of expiration to be on October 30, received in full.
Unit refus hands in heating cost to be able to go to law<
City municipal canal appoint express, during heating cost is captured, the enterprise must not reject to pay worker heating fee because of benefit depression.
Every belongs to building tenant and room to change the worker of the person that buy a house, or the worker is in unit and autograph of heat addition unit to have heat addition agreement, should hand in by worker place unit (have an agreement, the agreement that presses an agreement is handed in) . The unit rejects to hand in worker heating to expend, the worker can reflect a problem to the upper section that is in an unit, also can go to law< .
Do not get collection one year the heating cost of above
Just entered the user of bridal chamber, the heating that hands in this heating season into the beard that live inside this heating season is expended; Answer into what live in blame heating season one-time the heating fee that pays season of a heating; Any units are not gotten one year to heating user collection the heating of above is expended. To be being put in difficult group really, the government will give proper heating minister.
Heat addition temperature does not amount to mark to be able to be complained
If temperature of long-term heat addition does not amount to mark, resident cannot make money less or the requirement withdraws fund, but can be in heating period informs against heat addition unit, classics after checking, belong to responsibility of heat addition unit to be able to undertake condemnatory to its lawfully truly. Relevant section also will offer thaw to reduce the phenomenon such as heat addition quality to undertake be corrected in time and be condemnatoried to intermittence.
   --------Heating rate
Center heating user 24 yuan of / build square metre
Coal fired heating is offerred continuously 16. 5 yuan of / build square metre
Square metre is built for 19 yuan of / between coal fired heating
Wait for clean the sources of energy with natural gas square metre of 30 yuan of /

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