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" civil coal fired warms oneself furnace safety asks " the standard already was
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Civil coal fired warms oneself the lid sealing fire of furnace wants instead 5 aperture, in order to make indoor carbon monoxide (CO) discharge capacity is reduced 50% the left and right sides. Yesterday, city pledges inspect bureau discloses, " civil coal fired warms oneself furnace safety asks " mandatory local standard already was approved release, carried out formally on October 1, furnace provides manufacturing company to should have production according to the standard.

Furnace of heating of civil coal fired is one of main tools of heating of winter of this city dweller, product quality matters to the person safety of the person that use directly, but all the time since the national level that did not unite, occupation standard, because this is made mandatory local standard is very necessary. It is reported, superintendency branch will be in the government such as qualitative inspect, industrial and commercial, public security production, current and use wait for a domain to increase pair of civil coal fired to warm oneself the supervisory examination strength of furnace product.

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