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Heat addition office reminds central heating to be hit in succession the person
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As the drawing near of formal heating date, urumqi city centers heat addition unit to will center pair of flue nets to be hit in succession since this week greatly each pressure try water, office of trade of Urumqi city heat addition warns a citizen, during trying water the person should keep in the home, be in charge of a net to have self check to oneself, lest appear slack cause a loss.

Hit pressure trying water is a before heating important program, yesterday (on September 21) , inferior heart network reporter visited village of black city share, heating unit has stuck the announcement that gave central heating affusion, ask to the person keeps in resident home. "This basically is the belongings safety consider that is a dweller. " black city heat addition does Wu Haitao of integrated division section chief to say all right.

As we have learned, hit in controlling process trying water, the reason with slack central heating has a variety of. The radiator that is dweller home is silk buckles join more, use fixed number of years is too long, radiator corrodes occurrence leakage dot, valve or juncture place are sealed and insufficient cause slack; 2 because heat bilges,be cold shrink, when hot water infuse, the radiator that quality closes nevertheless issues may dissilient slack; in pressure action 3 it is to stop heating hind every year, the water in radiator can be smoked to work, a few interstitial dew that are sealed by silt come out, leakage can appear when new affusion. Another is important the reason is, after some dwellers open vent valve, forget shut, or illicit receive chaos to change heating device to cause slack.

Black city can produce the situation with slack central heating every year during trying water, had altered in privately in the house that flue line and new clothes build particularly common. "We can inform in the paste before affusion premise, phone of rush to repair can inquire village property or the central heating capture of calendar year expends sheet, produce problem and times to repair. " interview through the phone, business of much home heating expresses to say.

In the meantime, heating expert reminds resident, try vent valve of the central heating in the home is being shut before water, the home is in according to respective circumstance proper motion during trying water undertake checking.

Self check means

Did not divide a heating residence

The residential building that did not divide a heating commonly adopts concentration carrying a layer on the head to discharge the means of wind, before central heating tries water, carry a resident on the head to answer will " vent valve carrying a layer on the head " shut. After trying water, resident carrying a layer on the head should cooperate heating unit, use " vent valve carrying a layer on the head " the air inside conduit of central heating of will entire building is discharged clean.
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