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Season of heating of company of heating power of island of emperor of the Qin Dy
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2008-2009 of head office of heating power of city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty year job of collection of heating season hot expenses spreads out in the round, before November 4 one-time the user that clears hot cost but privilege 5% , can arrive since user this day inside the urban district heat of accept of business net hand over item by item expends the any of bank of commercial bank, transportation, the site of acting cost receiving heat of the bank already increased 47 now.
The hot user of head office of this city heating power has number of corresponding building number personal computer. The user can extend through heating power head office " client manual " , on one year pays cost bill, or dial hot line of client service center to inquire personal computer number. The user pays hot take time to commercial bank business site, the number of digital personal computer that wants a newspaper to give him building correspondence only can. User besides in the bank era accepts hand over item by item of the net that heat up cost outside cost, still can go to company of 5 center of customer service of first floor of heating power head office, heat addition to collect fees cost of net hand over item by item. Current, these collecting fees take time of check and accept came true entirely machine call bill, opened window of troops make up of the old and weak, holiday is nonstop, pay fee with convenient user.
Head office of heating power of city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty's biggest concentration heat addition enterprise. According to introducing, this company heated up an user to increase many 40 thousand than last year this year, increase concentration newly heat addition area 500 much square metre, the company centers heat addition gross area to already amounted to 1400 much square metre.

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