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Huhhot heating company and boiler of autograph of environmental protection burea

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14 days groom in administrator of whole town boiler and fireman labour on the meeting, bureau of Huhhot city environmental protection is before heating season advent, with whole town enterprise of 60 heat addition was signed " heating of year of Huhhot city 2008~2009 period boiler amounts to mark to arrange responsibility condition " . According to introducing, this responsibility shape stipulated enterprise of each heat addition is in clearly the responsibility of environmental protection respect: Ask its are strict the concerned regulation according to national environmental protection, normative operating sequence, the normal stability that assures boiler moves; Use according to the regulation the cleaned coal that accords with environmental protection requirement and match coal, make sure boiler removes dust the normal movement of equipment, during heating boiler contaminant is discharged amount to mark (soot chroma does not exceed bid, do not risk black smoke, noise to discharge do not exceed bid) . Censorial detachment will control Huhhot city environment strictly executive circumstance, if have the company that does not carry out by the regulation, will punish again according to concerned code.

Additional as we have learned, to achieve metropolis air pledges this year the end that estimates good day number to achieve 330 days, bureau of Huhhot city environmental protection is before heating period published a series of act, ensure today wintry heating period boiler stability amounts to mark to move.

These act are: Increase an environment censorial execute the law strength; Increase what pledge to coal to monitor, increase what coal pledges to detect to using coal door frequency second, qualitative requirement of coal of design of every short of, those who use tall sulfur coal, once check solid, according to baleful blowdown processing, and collect blowdown fee doubly; In letting broad citizen participate in its, encourage a citizen to wait with photograph, kinescope as evidence, through come or the form such as the network is risked to boiler black smoke undertakes informing against with illegal blowdown.

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