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Radiator of compound column wing section passes GLYZ steel aluminous die-casting
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Was in Beijing on June 3, 2008, develop by limited company of radiator of Shandong state peaceful " GLYZ steel aluminous die-casting is compound radiator of column wing section " the gain of science and technology that passed housing and development of science and technology of ministry of urban and rural construction to promote a center to organize is evaluated meeting.

Evaluate can promote section chief of central Gao Lixin to chair by development of construction ministry science and technology, evaluate committee to be like Professor Rong, China to build Song Weimin of metallic structure association by Tsinghua university senior engineer, Harbin Institute of Technology Professor Dong Chongcheng, total after the building designs academy week building of engineer of Yu Jiangao class, Beijing designs an academy Liuyan. Evaluated committee to listen to period of summer of state peaceful company to carry technical factory manager waits for general manager, Zong Tao to study the report of report, economic benefits and social benefit report to planning assignment certificate, technology. Expert attending the meeting examined relevant technology data seriously, think through discussing an expert seriously: This product used structure of 2.0mm wall thick steel tube, steel tube and aluminium alloy ala piece use bilge tubal craft is compound, improved a product be able to bear or endure corrode fixed number of year. The adornment cover of the product shapes via whole die-casting, the cover outfit card that differs two structures respectively is in charge of fluctuation in couplet box two end, with aluminium alloy ala piece use laser beam welding to receive an organic whole. The structure improved whole to come loose hot air current is current, strengthened convection heat exchange, improved the hot industry performance of the product; Rate of this product automation is high, tool facility is complete, detect the method is complete, manufacturing process accords with environmental protection requirement; This product structure designs reasonable, technology advanced, exterior is novel sex of beautiful, whole is good, in congener product, have medicinal powder quantity of heat is big, be able to bear or endure corrode sex is good, the metal heats up intensity and sexual price to compare high good point, can get used to architectural heating requirement; Quality of equipment of air conditioning of country of this product classics is supervised examine the center detects, the requirement that product function accords with Q/GBT004-2006 industry standard. This enterprise already managed systematic attestation and attestation of system of ISO9001 quality management through ISO14001 environment, have batch to produce a condition.

Evaluate committee conclusion: This product has innovation sex, accord with a building energy-saving technology requirement, integrated specifications achieves international the advanced level of congener product.

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