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Enterprise of Baotou heating heat addition delivers equipment of heating of 9000

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Understanding arrived on October 8, 2008~2009 year heating period be about to begin. Current, the facilities facilities such as net of the heat addition boiler that Baotou city focuses heat addition company each, canal overhauls the job to be finished already basically, can throw on time move.

As we have learned, to ensure today wintry heating period on time, safe heat addition, baotou city is built appoint enterprise of constituent various places, heat addition is thrown in all safeguard, overhaul capital many yuan 9000, increased strength of pair of maintenance that center facilities of heat addition facilities, overhaul, at the same time the organization carried out project of artery of heat addition of elder brother area and couplet of pyroelectricity of 9 former divisions to produce hot net project, aim to alleviate the pressure with insufficient heat source of elder brother area, 9 former divisions. According to Baotou city management of heating power burning gas is in chief introduction, from the point of integral circumstance, today heat source of heat addition of wintry Baotou city can get assuring.

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