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Beijing gives award energy-saving to implementing heat addition system technical
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Reporter from Beijing municipal canal appoint heat addition does know, use in the light of heat addition unit energy-saving transformed finance award method comes on stage formally, and this year heating season is started formally carry out. City municipal canal appoint relevant controller expresses, this measure is specific, will energy-saving to implementing heat addition system technical reformation acquires the heat addition unit of energy-saving effect, by this city energy-saving and special fund gives certain award, promotive fund specified number spends a basis total investment of energy-saving capacity and energy-saving technical reformation is certain.

According to introducing, the promotive limits of this capital is the system of area heat addition that dweller house contains inside area of this city administration, and room of heat addition boiler is belonged to for city, area county is belonged to or other the local unit that is social heat addition. According to this method, according to transforming energy of section of project heat addition and energy-saving technical reformation total investment executes one-time capital to reward. Specified number of project award fund does not exceed 4.5 yuan / square metre. Formula of computation of promotive fund specified number is as follows: = of promotive fund specified number (energy of section of × of standard of energy-saving capacity award) (energy-saving technical reformation always invests × 30% ) . Promotive standard is section energy to detect in energy-saving capacity heating season every are managing coal of 1 kilogram standard rewards 0.4 yuan.

Relevant controller expresses, energy-saving capacity is after showing heat addition system carries out energy-saving technical reformation advocate fuel is managing quantity, detect with energy of tripartite section the heat addition that the orgnaization detects is energy-saving the quantity is a basis. Carry out before December 31 this year transform a project, with energy-saving the fractional energy savings that after transforming, detects is a basis; Carry out after January 1 next year transform a project, it is a basis in order to transform the section energy data that around detects. Energy of section of specific heat addition detects method by city municipal canal appoint set separately. The report of examine and verify of final accounting of revenue and expenditure of project finance affairs that energy-saving technical reformation always invests to be issued with orgnaization of tripartite examine and verify is a basis, spend according to forehead of project investment control undertake controlling.

Declare method and technological process relevantly, heat addition unit can log onto city municipal canal appoint website inquiry. Net of heating of Chinese heat addition

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