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Branch of Jinan heat addition acts ahead of schedule reservior coal protects win
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3 days understand from branch of Shandong Jinan heat addition, jinan is annual heat addition needs coal at least 2.5 million tons of above, to make sure winter is normal heat addition, jinan has acted ahead of schedule, coordinate coal actively to supply to Shanxi and other places, begin to lay in heat addition to use coal ahead of schedule.

According to introducing, increase of the area ceaselessly as heat addition, jinan heat addition also grows in year after year with the dosage of coal, this year, shandong Jinan pyroelectricity and heating power company of two big heat addition, need 2.5 million tons coal at least. Since last year, coal price rises all the time, supply still nervous. According to the requirement, the coal reserve capacity of enterprise of general heat addition is in at least 7 days of above, once coal is supplied,appeared problem, jinan winter heating will be affected by huge.

For this, shandong saves Zhang Jianguo of vice secretary of Jinan municipal Party committee, mayor to ask, relevant section should organize oil of good coal report to carry supply and demand joins, leave no stone unturned fulfils electric coal reserve, ensure inventory achieves 15 days of above. Public utility branch is about to begin to arrange from now, fulfil winter heat addition to use coal, ensure dweller winter heating does not have care.

Current, jinan heating power and Jinan pyroelectricity company of two big heat addition acts already actively, preparatory capital has the reserve of coal. Jinan pyroelectricity company shows about chief, as a result of now of coal store the quantity is very little, the company is rising in positive action now, with Shanxi colliery connection, ensure the supply of coal. At the same time group person is coordinated to Shanxi, start work ahead of schedule as far as possible, store before heat addition begins one part heat addition uses coal, want the dosage that assures 7 days at least.

Company of Jinan heating power shows about the personage, the coal of Jinan and even whole nation is supplied as before extraordinary tension, according to the requirement of municipal government, the company also began to lay in heat addition to use coal ahead of schedule, this shifted to an earlier date than in former years nearly two months. In the meantime, the company still has been done beforehand case, contact coal company through all sorts of ways, ensure winter heat addition uses the supply of coal.

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