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Heating of Beijing heat addition today the winter will be right allowance of bus
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To assure heating of dweller heat addition, beijing general by city, area two class finance carries allowance fund in all, according to 8: The scale of 2 is right coal fired, burn gas, fuel (liquefied petroleum gas) , the area of dweller heat addition of burden of place of company of electric boiler heat addition undertakes allowance. The reporter learned via establishing one office from Beijing Bureau of Finance yesterday, beijing already made fund of allowance of boiler heat addition run normative system, in order to ensure dweller winter is normal this year heating.

Beijing Bureau of Finance discloses via establishing one office, beijing still will adjust subsidy level in time to change in order to reply fuel price.   

Whether does civil heat price rise wait for calm

Whether to adjust the civil problem that heat up valence this year in the light of Beijing, city municipal canal appoint relevant controller expresses, because the heat addition raw material such as coal rises in price,exist really, the state of loss of heat addition company, but have not receive the announcement that raises civil heat price at present.

This controller discloses, be aimed at situation of loss of heat addition company, beijing has been made clear at present, raise level of subsidy of coal fired of heat addition enterprise. Will extend ahead of schedule this year the allowance fund of enterprise of coal fired heat addition, one share capital will allot to reach heat addition industry after the Olympic Games, in order to make sure the enterprise can purchase reserve coal fired in time. According to introducing, this allowance wants in former years to allot after heating begins.

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