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Price of Shijiazhuang heat addition rises heating power company explains why bul
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Price of Shijiazhuang heat addition rises heating power company explains why bullish
Winter did not arrive, heat addition price is fetching all the more already attention. Since September, heibei saves price of heat addition of each district dweller to adjust a hearing to be held in succession. Dan of Zhang Jia mouth, Baoding, Shijiazhuang, Han, each city is a sound on the hearing, " go up " .
Deficit of in successive years, incessantly of enterprise complain of suffering
On September 23, hearing of price of heat addition of Shijiazhuang city resident is held as scheduled. The program moving price that delegate of company of company of group of pyroelectricity of application square east, pyroelectricity of Shijiazhuang of Heibei China report offerred them: Civil heating value go up 4.6 yuan by square metre of present every months of every building tone reachs 6.6 yuan, that is to say, a heating period is adjusted 18.4 yuan by original every square metre it is 26.4 yuan.
This plan one, the rate raising price of 43% lets delegate of most hearing of witnesses feel some are exorbitant apparently. However, even if company of so big the extent that raise price or incessantly of complain of suffering, think this extent is essential also the actual production cost of short of enterprise.
Represent the introduction according to Oriental pyroelectricity company, company of heat addition production produces raw material each in, coal occupied 60% above, and two this years coal price appeared to rise quickly continuously. 2004, the raw coal that the enterprise purchases from the market is average the price is 217.65 yuan / ton, the raw coal end May 2008 all valence violent wind rises reach 447 yuan / ton. Although the country end June published policy of price of stable report coal, but because Oriental pyroelectricity does not belong to user of electric coal key, without contract of coal of national green report, can carry out market value only. To July, average price already achieved raw coal 597 yuan / ton, more average than 2004 price rises 274% . Investment of together with environmental protection increases to wait for cost with water, report, artificial salary rise, heat addition enterprise already arrived to step forward the degree of dimension difficult. From 2005 up to now successive already 3 years of deficit, 2008 1 to heat addition deficit achieved two hundred and twenty-one million two hundred and fifty-five thousand three hundred yuan in July.
Shijiazhuang city energy resources manages office heat addition to grow Li Jianyun to also express everywhere, the bedding face of heat source enterprise accumulates loss, make each company capital very nervous, winter heat addition is differred far with coal reserve at in former years. And in fact, at present the Shanxi, Inner Mongolia coal sale price that produces coal to be saved greatly rises quickly, the winter that sells me the province warms oneself with coal some already went to 5000 kilocalorie caloric 700 multivariate / ton, was head and shoulders above heat addition enterprise bear limits.
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