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Anze calorific cable passes attestation of safety of Euramerican electromagnetis
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Cable of pyroelectricity of Anze series hair (sheet guides 10w/m, 17w/m, 18.5w/m; Double guide 10w/m, 10, 7w/m, 18.5w/m) passed EMC of lab of American confederative BACI entirely on May 30, 2008 (electromagnetism radiate) detect, obtained EMC (electromagnetism radiate) safe attestation report, this is the attestation that system of the first calorific cable passes Euramerican EMC. So far, the another important international that after add of cable of pyroelectricity of hair of series of Anze An Zequan obtains attestation of European Union CE, German VDE attestation, American UL attestation, obtains is safe attestation. Indicating Anze series is calorific cable captured open Euramerican market the camp of all and safe attestation.

EMC report shows, electromagnetism radiant basically depends on by force infirmly two main index, namely: Conducted interference index and disturbance power index, their Euramerican standard is 66Db and 45Db respectively. Series of Anze An Ze sends those who heat up cable to detect index all is mixed under 44.23Db 26.98Db.

As a result of An Ze headquarters values Euramerican market for a long time, unremitting ground fluctuates in the security of the product, stability kongfu, consequently of the product change ability is remarkable, character transcends the expectation value of the user all the time. End this year in June, in European Union market export total breaks through 600 thousand euro, north America, medium inferior market exit breaks through 1 million dollar, lay next foundations to finish annual to export the job. Will have far-reaching sense in home market at the same time.

EMC of lab of American confederative BACI (electromagnetism radiate) detect basis and standard are: EN55014-1: 2006, EN55014-2: 1997 A1: 2001, EN61000-3-2: 2006, EN61000-3-3: 1995 A1: 2001 A2: 2005. Detect this last a period of time 22 weeks, the cost counts a dollar.

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