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Our country builds the road of energy-saving development and prospective develop
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We tell estate, the most popular have two in recent years, one is how to undertake environmental protection, environmental protection of ground of part of energy-saving section ability, of the 2nd structural adjustment price that is the residence shoot up, these two problems concern couplet actually. I can give everybody to be told its associated sex today, as a result of time relation we are told only energy-saving together, as to environmental protection of material of section land part we were not involved today.

One, Structure energy resources of China wastes resources environment. Ascended on the newspaper a lot of, I list a few main things in this place. 30% what China builds specific power consumption to occupy gross, some to 27.9% writing, those who pass construction ministry is newest releasing is 27%-30% between, someone says to occupy 40% above, had not arrived now this is horizontal on, but the development henceforth increases likely faster, this is the trend with career progress general state.

To the residence, 30% what it occupies a city to use the land, 2% what the resource that take water uses up, 20% what the whole nation uses steel, 18% of cement dosage. As Chinese city level rise, and with annual the speed of 1.4% is accelerated, this means the farmer that has 10 million every year to want move to arrive in the city, but 4 times of the city more current, transfer what a person uses up to want to compare a farmer namely 4 times taller, this namely we today is 10% and occupy possibly henceforth 40% to 50% , this is used up and our city becomes direct ratio. The course tries hard for years, actually the proportion of industrial spending ability of our country has arrived from 70% appearance 2000 now is to be less than 60% , namely our iron and steel ton bad news has left kind, but architectural ability rises quickly. At present of our motor vehicle occupy with oil 40% , predict to will be occupied 2020 60% . That is to say motor vehicle is civil quicken with the oil of family expenses, motor vehicle rapid. Our country is develop with the GDP of 10% , and India develops with the speed of 8% , but his memory resource is more than us chunk, we read a newspaper now, middle east of many face southeast Asia goes, argue territory under one's control with China, chinese oil 2/3 come from at middle east country. Why to say Ma Liujia channel is too important so? Because Chinese oil wants wherefrom come over on the dot.

These 3 problems will accompany the sources of energy, land, environmental protection all the time, the development that restricting China. This is the thing that cannot cast off, especially the thing related the consumption level of individual of the structure of the scope that residential construction expands, speed, supply, people, these 3 things cannot be broken away from. Talk about housing to be able to speak of the resource, auction that speaks of land, be on the move, speak of a city must speaking of an environment, this is the thing that we must consider. Does living level of China want control to on which mean line be after all? Can you assume how old building dilate? This is the thing that the government must study today. Why? The truth is very simple, our people transforms for the city in great quantities our land is decreasing, our city is destroyed again, so we include today " country 6 " release, with us this thing is concerned, these 3 are accompanied, the estate that restricted China, regard one estate as the company, with aleatoric development mode is done is no good, the acute that faces farmland is decreased, the addition of living density of the leap of specific power consumption, city, of environmental quality glide, resource occupies the train of thought that has a plenty of ground government to adjust pair of residences to build, guide development business to face the market correctly, had become current cannot evasive with future we must want to emphasize the problem that solve, the thing that is not today. The structure that we ascend all the time on the newspaper gives an issue, what structure gave an issue? Supply structure gave an issue. And supply structure gives an issue is not the job that produces suddenly today, be accumulative total sex.
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