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Wind-force generates electricity construction should realize wind energy to be a
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Wind-force generates electricity greet flying development climax. According to " but in second birth the sources of energy extended program " to 2010 report of our country wind installs confidential to achieve 5 million kilowatt, this one target came true ahead of schedule 2007.
   Face the wind report of flying development, the expert reminds, the development of wind report, accelerate our country admittedly but second birth the sources of energy uses step, but, must treat current wind report to build upsurge with rational ground calmly, want hard to realize wind energy to be able to develop continuously.
Enter dimensions to change level
Of the speed that wind electric heat comes fast, let a person only then makings not as good as.
Data is card: 2007, machine of outfit of report of our country wind is 5.906 million kilowatt, achieve the program goal 2010 3 years ahead of schedule; Arrived 6 years of 2007 2001, machine of outfit of report of our country wind grew 14 times; Only 2007 a year, machine of outfit of report of our country wind increases 3.304 million kilowatt, than report of our country wind the accumulation of throughout history gross is much still.
Of dimensions propping up is speed. Installed capacity grew wind report 2007 127 % , add wind report newly installed capacity grows 147 % , in pairs achieves the history new tall.
Each district shares passion is all-time and rising more. Up to 2007, our country already built 158 wind electric field, distributing in 21 provinces, area, city, only 2007 a year, with respect to the person that have 5 new affiliation such as Beijing, Shanxi, Henan, Hubei, Hunan.
Wind electric heat results from 3 big factors: It is to be finished as scheduled " 915 " the energy-saving target decreasing a platoon that the program raises, about the branch the requirement generates electricity each the enterprise builds a power plant in, must having 3 % is but generation set of second birth the sources of energy, and can generate electricity in solar energy, wind energy, raw material in the technology, wind report is a technology undoubtedly the most mature, provide most industrialization and commercialize foreground, so, project of cable of wind of start of company of a lot of power; 2 it is wind report it is sunny industry, development space is vast, many enterprises regard a kind of strategy as investment wind report, regard its as new economy the point of growth; 3 it is wind report it is a kind of clean the sources of energy, some enterprises include development wind report inside new energy resources regards a society as responsibility.
Upsurge of this round of construction turns report of our country wind into dimensions to change development level. China but He Dexin of vice-president of society of second birth the sources of energy says, at least 4 respects characteristic supported this kind of judgement:
The first, capacity of wind report stand-alone increases. 2006, group of electric machinery of our country mutual wind 6469, among them unit of million made of baked clay class is occupied 21. 2 % , 2007, this scale is jumped litre for 38.1 % , increased 16.9 percent.
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