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The energy-saving advantage of glass of low radiation plated film reachs the des

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Below the advocacy that establishs policy of harmonious society, energy-saving environmental protection in the country, the glass of low radiation plated film that has superior heat proof quality greeted spring. The article elaborated the manufacturing technology of glass of low radiation plated film, the energy-saving advantage of product characteristic and hollow Low-E glass, treated the building that is aimed at our country different area of energy-saving glass choose principle and design plan.
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Energy shortage is one of two big crises that the whole world faces, it already became our country implementation to be able to develop the one big bottleneck of strategic goal continuously, it is the sources of energy on one hand in short supply, put in waste of serious the sources of energy however on the other hand. Our country is bldg. big country, bldg. has become one of important pillar of national economy. Current, building specific power consumption occupies the 1/3 above of countrywide total specific power consumption about, civil building and level of specific power consumption of public construction unit are Europe is fourfold, 3 times of the United States, not energy-saving building occupies 95 % , the harmonious society that this and country advocate, energy-saving policy does not match! According to the country energy-saving target is mixed " 9149 big focal points are energy-saving the project carries out an opinion " requirement, add a building newly to will implement the energy-saving aim of 50 % , northward and freezing area and the energy-saving aim that 4 big municipalities directly under the Central Government will implement 65 % . " energy-saving in long-term and special program " , " governmental orgnaization is energy-saving project " wait for policy code carry out, be sure the application that huge drives the energy-saving glass such as Low-E hollow glass. The building door window of high quality scales reachs act wall glass in hollow glass way develops the plated film of double silver-colored Low-E to hollow glass of odd silver-colored Low-E and higher administrative levels. Change in answer to national law appoint " outline of policy of Chinese energy-saving technology " spirit, implementation country is managing the sources of energy and the strategy that protect an environment, executive building is energy-saving imperative.
Low radiation glass, have property of exceedingly good heat insolation, heat preservation, in whole world the sources of energy is in short supply, at present energy-saving with day of cry of green environmental protection tall situation falls, it is a building energy-saving in one of indispensable main housing materials. Faith glass goes in the front row of the times, deep-felt the importance of the production that understood product of energy-saving environmental protection and development, increased research and development to throw strength, the 1 % that takes out sale every year throws new product of research and development, the set that faith glass develops is energy-saving environmental protection product, be like but the odd silver-colored Low of steel - E glass, double silver-colored Low - all sorts of breed such as glass of film of control of E glass, sunshine, have the capacity that develops product of glass of other plated film at the same time, if decrease reflection glass of velar glass, tall reflex film, wait from clean glass.

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