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Energy-saving technology is in all of circulatory system filling water system th
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As national economy successive high speed develops, energy-saving technology is paid close attention to closely and use extensively. The article narrates all sorts of energy-saving technologies to apply mediumly in heating system in the round. System of boiler of compensation of the temperature outdoor, report, frequency control, heating.

1, overview
The project of common feelings of people of the party of since of winter heating project of Chinese north and government, it is the sources of energy uses up large family. Develop energy-saving building, use while energy-saving heating and heating equipment are satisfying heating requirement, reduce energy to use up.
North plans at present and control in 65 % in the energy-saving residence fractional energy savings that build, use in energy-saving residence add thick outside after the means such as heat preservation of wall heat preservation, the window outside hollow double glass, roofing, avoided the residence outside hot loss of wall hot loss, door window hot loss, housetop, the easy that also rose to live is measurable. Because belong to building category, the article does not do bat around.
Heating system is loading generation of quantity of heat, quantity of heat to supply the function that adjusts with quantity of heat, reasonable adoption is energy-saving the technology can reduce the sources of energy to use up.

2, heating system is formed

Typical independent heating system by heat source (the boiler that be like report, gas fired boiler) , all of circulatory system, filling water system is formed.
At present a lot of areas implement section electrovalency policy, trough report period of time (arrived at 11 o'clock in the evening in the morning at 7 o'clock) the half that electrovalency is other period of time. As peak cereal electrovalency of cent plan policy execute, use electric boiler to become heat source, configure cistern of accumulation of heat, the heating system that uses trough electricity accumulation of heat can reduce moving cost substantially.
System of heating of electric boiler accumulation of heat circulates by cistern of electric boiler, accumulation of heat, heat exchanger, accumulation of heat pump of loop of pump, heat addition, soft water implement, system of a powerful person of filling water pump, thermoregulation, control form.
Municipal water supply passes soft water implement cistern of accumulation of heat of the infuse after processing. To save investment, the filling water of water of the heating in heating system is offerred by cistern of accumulation of heat. Boiler of pump of loop of accumulation of heat of period of time of accumulation of heat, report and open of V2 of dynamoelectric a powerful person, at the same time dynamoelectric 3 control valve V1 work, pump of heat addition loop moves, in accumulation of heat while provide heat source for heating system. Heat addition period of time (period of time of blame accumulation of heat) outside quiting the job except electric boiler and V2 of dynamoelectric a powerful person, other equipment moves, the heat energy that stores by cistern of accumulation of heat gives a system heating.
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