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The building is energy-saving: Does bore with a reamer of angry of channel of ⒄
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One, carry out the actual condition that builds energy-saving strategy act

After reforming and opening, development of facilities of our country construction is rapid, especially in recent years the development that the reform of housing system promoted residential property and national economy greatly. Build a house every year at present 1.8 billion square metre of 1.7 billion ~ (town living building 500 million square metre of 400 million ~ , public construction 500 million square metre of 400 million ~ , rustic living building 800 million square metre of 700 million ~ ) , pull move national economy to increase about two percent, raised living standard of urban and rural people greatly.

Rise as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, growth of building specific power consumption is swift and violent. Building specific power consumption shows the building uses specific power consumption, include heating, air conditioning, hot water to supply, the specific power consumption of the respect such as illume, cooking, electric home appliancesCurrent, the energy situation of our country is quite austere. 20% what our country population occupies world total population, already the coal reserves of ascertain takes world reserve only 11% , crude oil is occupied 2.4% , natural gas is occupied only 1.2% . Our country already became the 3rd great energy resources to produce country and country of consumption of the 2nd great energy. The one-time energy output 2000 is China coal of 1.09 billion tons of standards, 10% what be less than world energy consumption, and energy consumption is coal of 1.17 billion tons of standards (still do not include a country to be not commodity life the sources of energy to consume) of coal of 200 million tons of standards. Consumption of energy of average per capita is less than coal of 1 ton of standard, consumption level of energy of insufficient world average per capita the half of coal of 2.4 tons of standards, it is the 1/5 ~ 1/10 of the developed country only, but the building is used can scale increases significantly. Reduce building specific power consumption so, implementation can develop continuously, it is the road with feasible only. The building is at present energy-saving the consciousness that has not become development business and resident acts. Although JGJ26-86 is promulgated,already had nearly 15 years up to now, and annual in concentration heating area should build 200 million ~ living building of town of 300 million square metre, however up to now only the living building of 140 million square metre is to press JGJ26-86 and JGJ26-95 regulation to build, requirement and actual contrast are very outstanding. In the meantime, center heating area to still have the town structure that 4 billion square metre did not build by energy-saving standard, energy-saving transform workload very arduous. Net of heating of Chinese heat addition
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