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How should power system reform go? Electric power supplies nervous problem how t
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Advanced a few years a lot of area electric power supply the whole nation below tight situation, the Shandong that still can answer leisurely is saved, also appeared at present electric power supplies tight situation. And before this, the province electric power such as Shaanxi, Hubei, Shanxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang supplies insecurity is not what secret already. Nearly two years just the electric power of hasten delay supplies a situation, today summer tend once more nervous.

This electric power supplies insecurity, before can'ting help letting us remember 4 years alleged " electric shortage " . After factory network is separate, because countrywide bedding face accumulates electric power to supply insecurity, the power system reform that just starts is forced slow down. In should supply tight situation to electric power with all one's strength while, people discovery, this electric power supplies the main reason with grim situation to depend on generating electricity the inadequacy of establishment, then in succession mount a horse generates electricity equipment becomes the effective method that solves electric power to supply insecurity. And the hang that the Shandong in lacking report can answer leisurely depended on power plant of power plant of a few places and enterprise provide for oneself producing effect. In fact, through subsequently effort of a few years, the electric power of our country supplied a situation to appear really the posture that supply and demand balances. The pace that power system reforms also is able to start afresh subsequently.

However, the electric power that be raided this year once more supplied insecurity to add inaccuracy to decide an element again for power system reform. The expert points out: "This electric power supplies phasic insecurity to be different from last, the reason is to involve system sex element more. " actually, appeared instead in the area that lack report the phenomenon with unused generation set, switch on the mobile phone a when inadequacy becomes electric power to supply insecurity main reason, and local power plant switchs on the mobile phone the reason with low rate depends on be short of coal. Expression is is coal in short supply, 2 it is electric coal price too tall, coal price and electrovalency appear to hang bring about power company to not be willing to buy coal more, hair is electrodynamic insufficient. In the backside of these problems, finally end arrives a bit, namely of coal report contend for.

This issue is actually early not be what new issue any more. After coal market is unlocked, electric power price still by governmental control, this kind of different price mechanism brought what the speed that coal rises in price exceeds electrovalency far to rise, the price is hanged caused coal company and power industry to weichi in the rich of respect of electric coal price net of heating of increasingly intense heat addition. In recent years, be aimed at this problem, relevant section published a few measure, of harmonious coal report contend for. Produce carry to need to hold joint to be the same as collect conference with arranging the countrywide coal of transport power according to contract collect circumstance, replaced the coal report that gives priority to with negotiating electric coal price to order goods meeting, desalt the colour of planned economy. Coal industry and power company turn to be solved by mechanism of linkage of coal electrovalency case about the controversy of electric coal price. Although mechanism of linkage of coal electrovalency case is temporary short-term inside alleviated coal electrovalency standard is incompatible, but do not have from go up at all solve coal report contend for, just let the economic burden that downstream industry bore to be added newly for the most part. The near future generates electricity greatly each the enterprise rises in price to seek upstream coal industry to march in succession by force of electric coal, policy of coal report unifinication is in of relevant section drive next acquisition to make progress. But this kind of act just changes contradictory interior, power company will face capital pressure, return the market risk that can increase a business. Can say, show some electric coal operation pattern cannot come to those who solve electric coal to contend for.
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