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Tianjin city builds energy-saving managing to set - strengthen a building energy
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The first builds energy-saving managing to strengthen, reduce a building to use specific power consumption, raise the sources of energy and resource to use efficiency, improve environmental quality, can last what achieve economy and society development, set according to concerning law, code, combine this city actual condition, make this provision.
The 2nd is engaged in a building reaching its to use inside area of this city administration can of the system build, extend, rebuild activity, application builds energy-saving product and material of new-style wall body, executive building is energy-saving, with can supervise and manage, ought to abide by this regulation. The farmer that did not bring into construction government program builds housing oneself, advocate and implement this provision stage by stage.
This the 3rd regulation is said the building is energy-saving, it is to show in architectural manage of program, design, construction, construction, inspect is mixed in process of energy-saving moving government, through introducing energy-saving technology and product, executive building is energy-saving standard, reduce architectural the sources of energy, resource to use up, use the activity of the sources of energy and resource effectively.
Branch of director of administration of construction of the 4th city is built to this city energy-saving carry out centralized supervisory management. Material of city wall body is innovated and build energy-saving management center to be in charge of this city building energy-saving day-to-day management job.
Branch of director of administration of construction of area, county manages division of labor to be in charge of the supervisory management with the energy-saving building inside this area under administration working according to construction.
Branch of director of administration of construction of the 5th city ought to be mixed according to economy of this city countryman the society develops a program, weave this city builds energy-saving and special program and annual plan, people signing up for city is carried out after governmental approval.
The 6th this city encourages a construction energy-saving and scientific research and technical development, promotion of net of heat addition heating builds energy-saving new technology, new technology, new facility, new material, new product, develop but second birth the sources of energy and the new technology that build tie, restrict or the technology with taboo building high specific power consumption, equipment, material and product.
Highlight the unit of contribution and remarkable success and individual to be being made in building energy-saving job, by city people government or concerned branch gives commend and reward.
Branch of director of administration of construction of the 7th city ought to concern law, code, regulations and construction according to the country energy-saving relative standard, the structure that makes this city is energy-saving standard, make this city build list of energy-saving technology and product promotion, limitation, taboo, announce to the society.
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