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What kind of residence just can be energy-saving residence

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Choose the residence of wall of the heat preservation outside having

In average house, the of 30% energy in refrigeration does not have winter heating, summer to be used for human body, arrive through be lost of body of window, wall however outdoors, added hot island effect, wasted the sources of energy.
At present the energy-saving building on international already was used in wall body outside heat preservation technology, our country building also is in by traditional inside heat preservation turns the heat preservation outside be. Outside heat preservation wall by have quite the composition of layer of air of going from place to place among body of the warming plate of ply, wall, achieve heat preservation and adiabatic effect effectively consequently. At present the wall body of a few energy-saving residences and floor used ceramists concrete, because its use ceramists material to pledge, compare with common concrete, more sound insulation is adiabatic. The residence of wall of the heat preservation outside having, burning hot summer and cold winter, you can save next costly air conditioning and central heating cost. Clear building should seek advice when buying a house dish whether was wall body used outside heat preservation technology, at present market of big city estate has technology of wall of the heat preservation outside was less than the residence of 1/3 to use only.
In addition, should prevent considering the residence bask in, the window that should see with a sunny exposure has without sunshade shade.
Basic standard summary begs construction of design of village of residence of national green zoology to go up in the foundation of indoor hot environment that assures comfortable, health, adopt all sorts of effectively energy-saving measure improves a building hot industry performance, outside window of wall, housetop, door hot industry performance. Coefficient of thermal conductivity should fall 0.6 the following.

Want big the standard width of a room in an old-style house, small into deep

Narrow bizygomatic breadth, big enter deep it is a lot of development business the managing land natural resources, important step that increases profit, but such residential hard to avoid is met with sacrifice the daylighting of a few rooms is cost.
Actually, in modern building technical design falls, no matter be board building or tower, can accomplish ventilated breathe freely, but the board building that north and south faces towards can achieve first-rate energy-saving effect. If you choose board building, must choose big the standard width of a room in an old-style house small into deep residence, such house daylighting is good, won't have " of " black room, and can utmost ground is accomplished ventilated breathe freely. The pilot north of national health residence is abstruse garden, for instance contemporary the building such as city of 10 thousand states dish used bedding face wide, small into deep design. The sitting room bizygomatic breadth of city of 10 thousand states is in now 4 meters of above, can assure the distance of television and human body already, also can reduce the electromagnetism radiate harm to human body, still considered the need that all of sitting room home puts, the bizygomatic breadth of its bedroom is in mostly 3 meters of above.

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